Swim-N-Learn Schedule
Lava Hot Springs Session 1: June 6-9 and 13-16
Anglesey, Jamie
Bringhurst, Logan
Buchanan, Mackenzie
Buchanan, Grant
Cazier, Gracee
Cook, Abbie
Dana, Emily
Erickson, Kyler
Erickson, Lauren
Frome, Hudson
Hale, Adam
Hale, Emmalee
Hebdon, Kysen
Hinton, Isabel
Hokanson, Bryant
Hurd, Lynzee
Hurd, Kynzee
Ivie, Aisley
Jacquart, Dawson
Jenkins, Payton
Johnson, Kimber
Julander, Baeden
Julander, Dax
Kallgren, Anna
Kallgren, Ashlyn
Larson, Gwennie
Lindroos, Shakayla
McKen, Sara
Merritt, Clay
Neilsen, Norrah
Perry, Jace
Philpott, Beau
Roberts, Jordyn
Roberts, Cayden
Smith, Paisley
Smith, Bridger
Spalding, Kaleb
Spalding, Kason
Staley, Zackary
Turner, Blake
Turner, Brianna
Turner, Weslee
Lava Hot Springs Session 2: June 20-23 and 27-30
Last Name First Name
Bates Elizabeth
Baxter Stormi
Beebe Paxton
Blutt Matthew
Burton Jase
Carrasco Maximus
Carter Isla
Cazier Maddy
Coates Megan
Davis Trenton
Delgado Nathan
England Jentry
England Janie
England Jacy
Gardner Jordyn
Hansen Taci
Hoopes Chelsea
Ivie Aisley
Jacquart Dawson
Jensen Tristin
Johnson Taeson
Johnson Keston
Kallgren Dylan
Klindt Connor
Larson Seth
Lawson Cooper
Merritt McKell
Mortensen Jenny
Oliver Mackenzie
Oliver Alexis
Oviatt Shelby
Parsons Preston
Rappleye Kendell
Roberts Jordyn
Roberts Cayden
Schwab Steven
Schwab Katelyn
Smith Madison
Tolman Alysha
Tolman Dallas
Turner Blake
Turner Brianna
Turner Weslee
White  Carlee
Wood Samantha

Lava Hot Springs Session 3: July 11-14 and 18-21

Last Name First Name
Banta Amilya
Beasley Keidon
Beck Brandon
Blutt Matthew
Carrasco Maximus
Cazier Maddy
Clark Treyson
Edwards Kadon
Griffith Amelia
Hale Maddie
Hamp Hunter
Hatch Brooke
Hoopes Jace
Hoopes Stetson
Iseminger Allyssa
Johnson Logan
Johnson Kaiden
Larson Seth
Lawson Cooper
Martinsen Kolter
Martinsen Kanan
Parsons Preston
Romine Lainey
Sainz Rylee
Southam Kida
Stoker Taylee
Strgar Madison
Stubblefield Alexis
Tolman Alysha
Tolman Dallas
Westover Bailey
Star Valley Ranch Cedar Creek Swimming Pool: Aug. 1-4 and 8-11
Last Name First Name
Bringhurst Logan
Bringhurst Adam
Brown Devan
Brown Lexi
Hanberg Weston
Hanberg Avery
Johnson Kambree
Kallgren Dylan
Turner Weslee




Update on our Geography Bee Winners!!!
Preston Bueller placed 3rd in the state! #Fantastic! #Great Job! #We are so proud of Preston!!!

to Osmond's Geography Bee Winners!

Each year thousands of schools in the United States participate in the National Geographic Bee using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. The contest is designed to inspire students to be curious about the world. School with students in grades four through eight are eligible for this entertaining and challenging competition. Osmond's winners are 1st, Preston Bueller, 2nd Connor Klindt, and tied for 3rd place was River Thomason and Marcus Henderson.

Geography Bee

to Osmond's Spelling Bee Winners!

Osmond's top spellers traveled to Etna to participate in LCSD#2's annual 4 – 6 grade spelling bee. Our 6th graders had an awesome competition and qualified to move on to the sistrict spelling bee for grades 6 – 8. Sheen Hall took first place, Braxton Schwab was third, and Jonathan Fry and Kaydence Stewart were also in the top ten. 

6th grade winners

Mr. Whitney's
A.R. (Accelerated Reader) Celebration

A happy group of 4th graders earned a snow shoe trip to the South End as a reward for making individual  reading goals. The snow was deep and powdery; the weather was mild; and the students were exuberant!

Whitney Whitney1

Whitney2 whitney3

2015 Fall Parent Teacher Conferences
November 10 - November 11

Thank You Parents!!!

We have, without a doubt, the very best parents in the world! Thank you for taking the time to visit with your child's teacher. It makes a big difference for a child's education to have actively involved parents. You are the best!!!

2015-2016 Fundraiser
October 2 - October 15

Gourmet, Gourmet & Charleston Wrap​

Osmond's super salesman will be participating in our annual fundraiser. We will be featuring two product lines; Gourmet, Gourmet and Charleston Wrap. Gourmet, Gourmet includes cookie dough, popcorn, pizza and soups. Hopefully you will be able to solve some gift giving dilemmas and then be able to wrap it all up with some Charleston Wrap!

The purpose of the fundraiser is to provide our students with an opportunity to learn a healthy lifetime fitness activity, and since we are blessed to live in the land of long winters and snow, skiing is a perfect fit! We have been able to partner with Pine Creek Ski Resort to achieve this foal. Students will spend two days on the slopes with expert instruction provided by the resort, our P.E. teacher, and volunteers. (An additional benefit is the experience gained as salesman/accountants. These are also valuable life skills.)​

Spelling Bee Winners
January 28, 2015

Osmond Elementary Students Were 'Spell'-tacular


Three students from each classroom traveled to Etna Elementary and competed in the District's 4-5 grade Spelling Bee. Our students were spectacular, with someone placing in each grade level! The sixth grade winners are moving on to compete in the District 6-8 Spelling Bee on February 4, 2015 at the District Office.

4th grade

4th Grade
2nd place – Amalie Scherbel, 1st place – Gabriel Daniel, 3rd place – Wesley Brog (OES)

5th grade

5th Grade
2nd – Macy Erickson (OES), 1st – Emmalee Hale (OES), 3rd – Allison Bates (OES)

6th grade
6th Grade
 2nd – Kallianne Pierantoni, 1st – Kymora Simpson, 3rd – Ammon Halls 
Also Included in Top 11 Contestants:
Jamie Turner, Hannah Brog, Brooke Crosby, Callin Sanderson, James Lawson, Makayla Miller, Hunter Lafave, & Rylee Teichert.


School Bus Safety Week
10/13 - 10/17

"Be Smart - Be Seen, I wait in a safe place!"National School Bus Safety Week is scheduled for October 20, 2014 through October 24, 2014. Lincoln County School District #2's transportation department chose to observe the week with safety classes and demonstrations which were held at the Lincoln County Civic Center and Fair Grounds. "Be Smart - Be Seen, I wait in a safe place!", is the theme for this year. Students were taught many ways to stay safe. They also practiced evacuating the bus in case of an emergency.  Because of conflicting obligations, we scheduled our School Bus Safety Week for the week of October 13, 2014 through October 17, 2014, and Osmond participated in the workshops on 10/13/14.

School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety

4th Grade
Visited Simplot Smoky Canyon Mine

Our fourth grade students visited the Smoky Canyon Phosphate Mine on September 25, 2014. Simplot, as it is called by locals, is an open pit mine that grinds the phosphate rock to a texture similar to flour and then mixes it with water to create a slurry which is then pumped to the Don Processing Plant. The ore slurry travels 87 miles through an underground slurry pipeline  to the plant to be made into fertilizer.

4th to Simplot

5th Grade 
Traveled to Minnetonka Cave

On September 5, our fifth grade students went on their annual field trip the first of year for Osmond Elementary students. Minnetonka Cave is the largest limestone rock cave in the state of Idaho. It is located in Caribou-Targhee National Forest in Bear Lake County. The half-mile route through the cave is lined with stalactites and stalagmites. The cave stays a brisk 40 degrees all year long.

Welcome Back to School

Summer's almost over and a new school year is fast approaching!
Following are important days to mark on your calendar.

Wednesday, August 27, between 3 - 6.
The first day of school is Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Schools Out for Summer

We had a great 2013-2014 school year!
Thank you to all the students, stakeholders and faculty. See you again at Back-to-school night.
Wednesday, August 27, between 3 - 6.
The first day of school is Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Constitution Assembly

Osmond Elementary's Fifth Grade Students study the United States Constitution as a part of their Social Studies Curriculum. We were privileged to have Callin's grandfather, the Honorable Judge Sanderson, visit with our 5th grade students about our freedoms and the constitution. He taught the students that court decisions are based on upholding our constitutional rights.

Callin & Judge Sanderson

Archers Competed in
State Level Competition

Osmond Elementary's Archers competed in a virtual tournament and did quite well. As a lot of schools have their sixth grade a part of their middle school, the sixth grade archers competed with Star Valley Middle School. Following are the results:

6th Grade Students

Caleb Madsen271 pointsMiddle School Division Boys Rank: 5 out of 95
6th Grade Boys Rank: 2 out of 33
Overall Boys Rank: 7 out of 164

Cole Thomas268Middle School Division Boys Rank: 7 out of 95
6th Grade Boys Rank: 3 out of 33
Overall Boys Rank: 10 out of 164

Amber Abrams231Middle School Division Girls Rank: 9 out of 63
6th Grade Girls Rank: 1 out of 15
Overall Girls Rank: 14 out of 99

Lanny Johnson230Middle School Division Boys Rank: 32 out of 95
6th Grade Boys Rank: 9 out of 33
Overall Boys Rank: 60 out of 164

4th & 5th Grade Students

Tanner Thomas270 pointsElementary Division Boys Rank: 1 out of 32
5th Grade Boys Rank: 1 out of 20
Overall Boys Rank: 8 out of 164

Josh Semadeni232 Elementary Division Boys Rank: 7 out of 32
5th Grade Boys Rank: 7 out of 20
Overall Boys Rank: 54 out of 164

Brooke Crosby229 Elementary Division Girls Rank: 1 out of 11
5th Grade Girls Rank: 1 out of 5
Overall Girls Rank: 16 out of 99

Corbin Tolman223Elementary Division Boys Rank:10 out of 32
5th Grade Boys Rank: 9 out of 20
Overall Boys Rank: 70 out of 164

Wyatt Hoopes216Elementary Division Boys Rank: 12 out of 32
5th Grade Boys Rank: 11 out of 20
Overall Boys Rank: 76 out of 164

Greg Brown213Elementary Division Boys Rank: 13 out of 32
4th Grade Boys Rank: 2 out of 12
Overall Boys Rank: 81 out of 164

John J Hunsaker210Elementary Division Bowys Rank: 14 out of 32
5th Grade Boys Rank: 12 out of 20
Overall Boys Rank: 85 out of 164

Rylon Allred168Elementary Division Boys Rank: 20 out of 32
4th Grade Boys Rank: 5 out of 12
Overall Boys Rank: 126 out of 164

Brixton Sessions166Elementary Division Bowys Rank: 21 out of 325th Grade Boys Rank: 16 out of 20Overall Boys Rank: 128 out of 164
Kai Farley166Elementary Division Bowys Rank: 22 out of 325th Grade Boys Rank: 17 out of 20Overall Boys Rank: 129 out of 164
Cheyenne Gwyne159Elementary Division Girls Rank: 7 out of 115th Grade Girls Rank: 4 out of 5Overall Girls Rank: 66 out of 99
Walker Merritt149Elementary Division Boys Rank: 23 out of 325th Grade Boys Rank: 18 out of 20Overall Boys Rank: 136 out of 164
Hyrum Arbizu145Elementary Division Boys Rank: 24 out of 324th Grade Boys Rank: 6 out of 12Overall Boys Rank: 1139 out of 164
Callin Sanderson142Elementary Division Boys Rank: 25 out of 325th Grade Boys Rank: 19 out of 20Overall Boys Rank: 140 out 164
Steven Schwab134Elementary Division Boys Rank: 27 out of 324th Grade Boys Rank: 7 out of 12Overall Boys Rank: 144 out of 164
Connor Hart132Elementary Division Boys Rank: 28 out of 324th Grade Boys Rank: 8 out of 12Overall Boys Rank: 145 out of 164
Carter White122Elementary Division Boys Rank: 30 out of 324th Grade Boys Rank: 10 out of 12Overall Boys Rank: 152 out of 164
Owen Madsen114Elementary Division Boys Rank: 31 out of 324th Grade Boys Rank: 11 out of 12Overall Boys Rank: 156 out of 164
Chesney King113Elementary Division Girls Rank: 9 out of 115th Grade Girls Rank: 5 out of 5Overall Girls Rank: 81 out of 99
Joe Thompson80Elementary Division Boys Rank: 32 out of 324th Grade Boys Rank: 12 out of 12Overall Boys Rank: 161 out of 164

Osmond's Super
Special Olympians

Special Olympics

Trimester 2
Parent Teacher Conferences

This year Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on the evenings of February 11 and February 12 from 3-7 pm. Please come whenever it is most convenient for you to attend.

Osmond to sponsor
A Soldier's Christmas

This year Osmond Elementary is focusing on a Wyoming National Guard platoon that is stationed in Bahrain. Students will be writing letters, decorating/tieing a blanket, and donating items. Each class has been given the name of a platoon member. Our intention is to teach and to show appreciation for the sacrifices made in our behalf.

Parent Teacher Conferences Well Attended

Thank you to, our wonderful parents, for attending Parent Teacher Conferences. 96% of Osmond students had one or more parents visit during the last two 
evenings.  Your presence is a very meaningful symbol of the value and importance of a good education.

The following link will take you to an interesting article on the subject of Parent Teacher Conferences.

USA Today Article

New Medication Administration Policy


The administration of medication while in school is generally discouraged.  When a child requires medication, the primary responsibility for administering such medication rests solely upon the parents. With that said, the school district recognizes there will be students, with short and long-term conditions, that may require the administration of medication during school hours. In order to meet those needs, the school district has updated its “Administrating Medication to Students” policy. The policy and the procedure for it’s implementation are available on the LCSD#2 website under Boarddocs.com:  (Administering Medication to Students), (Administering Medication to Students #2), (Medication Authorization Form)

Some key points are:

  • Schools will not purchase medication for the purpose of providing to students.
  • All medication required by students in school must be brought to school by the parent/guardian in it’s original container, clearly labeled.
  • Prescription medication must be accompanied by a completed LCSD2 School Prescription Medication Administration Authorization form.
  • Over the counter medication must be accompanied by a  LCSD2 School Medication Administration Authorization form.
  • All medications are to be kept in the office.
  • Older and responsible students may be allowed to self-medicate/self-administer upon written parent request, and approved by the school nurse and building administrator.
  • Notification by the parent for self-medication must include their acknowledgement that the school bears no responsibility for ensuring the medication was taken.

Archery Students Go To Nationals

Six Osmond Elementary students traveled to Lousisville, Kentucky for the 2013 NASP World Championship Archery Tournament and the opportunity to compete against thousands of students from all over the United States. Our students did a great job with several shooting their personal best! Those competing and their scores are:

Brooke Crosby4th grade204
Tanner Thomas4th grade265
Caleb Madsen5th grade214
Amber Abrams5th grade251
Scott Orton6th grade260
Kaden Spaulding6th grade264


Bus Riders of the Month

February Bus Riders of the Month are:

Addalee Isaaacson, Aubrey Bates, Carson VanDeburg, Kamryn Johnson, Hanah Hunsaker, Celestie Sitter, Brooke Kallgren, Lillyanna McClure, Mikel Sorenson, Emri Jenkins, Caitland Erickson, Jamie England, Amanda Henderson, Deakon White.

Saturday Ski Trip Planned
Saturday, March 16, Pine Creek Ski Resort has offered to host us for one last ski trip and Osmond Elementary is helping provide this opportunity. Students will meet at the school for a bus ride to the lodge. They will be able to ski for a reduced rate of $10. That incredibly low price will cover bus ride, rentals, and lift ticket! Big Thanks to all who have made this possible!

Time To Ski!
Our winter ski/board season has begun. Our fourth grades have already gone on their first trip to Pine Creek. They went on 1/8/13. The schedule for the the season is as follows:
  • 1/8/134th Grade Ski Trip
  • 1/15/134th Grade Ski Trip
  • 1/22/135th Grade Ski Trip
  • 1/24/135th Grade Ski Trip
  • 1/29/136th Grade Ski Trip
  • 1/31/136th Grade Ski Trip

Dry Creek Academy
Osmond's winter session of Dry Creek Academy will begin on January 7, 2013 with the following classes:

Monday – Boys Basketball, Woodworking, & Crafts
Tuesday – Girls Basketball, Fly Tying, & Bowling
Wednesday – Archery & iPad

Below is the link to our flyer for more complete information.

Winter Dry Creek Academy

Christmas Giving

Osmond Elementary students are very aware of the world around them and share a desire to lend a helping hand. The images of the destruction and devastation dealt by hurricane Sandy touched all our hearts and gave us the idea of combining our Christmas Giving Tree with a relief effort. With this in mind we brainstormed with our super PTC and came up with three ways for students to become involved. Please remember that all of this is voluntary. We do not want to add any stress at this hectic and expensive time of year.
Our plan is as follows:
  • Non perishable food items may be placed under the Christmas tree in the media center for donation to the local food bank
  • Brightly wrapped empty packages will be located in the media center and the office for students to fill with spare change.
  • A polar fleece blanket will be decorated, signed and tied by each class to then warm hurricane Sandy victims.

Halloween Celebration

Students are encouraged to bring decorated pumpkins to display in our annual Pumpkin Patch. They will need to be brought to school and picked up by a parent, as pumpkins cannot be transported on a bus.

In lieu of costumes we will be having crazy hair day. If you choose to color your hair, it will need to be washed out before school the following day.

Fundraising Underway

 Osmond's super salesmen are out once again in full force offering the public some incredibly delicious frozen cookie dough. Along with fun prizes, students are motivated by our downhill ski program to sell at least four items. 

Some very important Dos & Don'ts:
  • Do make checks payable to Osmond Elementary
  • Do collect money and return with the order forms to child's teacher by 10/9/12
  • Do return both copies of the order form - original and copy
  • Do not go door to door
  • Do not collect sales tax 

2012-2013 is off to a GREAT start!!!!

Osmond Elementary students, teachers, and staff are making it possible!

Our 5th grade students have already enjoyed the annual field trip to Minnetonka Cave near St. Charles, Idaho. The cave offers a half-mile of fascinating stalactites, stalagmites, a if you would like to explore the cave in the comfort of your warm home it is possible through the following link.

Minnetonka Cave online

Let's get ready for 2012-2013!

We are busy preparing for school to resume in the fall. Some important dates to be aware of are:

  • New student registration begins on August 20.
  • Back-to-School Night will be held on Wednesday, August 29, from 3:00-6:00 p.m. Please come visit us, meet your new teacher, and prepare for a great new school year.
  • Tuesday, September 4, will be the first day of school. We are excited to see you!

Archery Team Takes State!

Members of Osmond's Archery Team competed against other teams throughout the state. We won! The top three placings were: Osmond with 2924 points, Alta Vista with 2758, and Wind River scoring 2068. Our Archers have qualified to compete on the national level at the National Archery in the Schools Program in Louiville Kentucky. They will have fundraisers to help defray the costs.

The competition is divided into divisions and gender. Individual results are as follows:

Overall Winners – All Age Levels (This includes High School!)
Daniel Saunders, 3rd. Male Rank 1 with a 271
Jared Hale, 5th. Male Rank 2 with a 264
Kaden Spaulding, 10th. Male Rank 2 with a 259
Jessica Pieper, 11th. Female Rank 2 with a 251

Elementary Female Division – 57 Competitors
Jessica Pieper2nd.251
Kinzi Erickson4th.227
Jolyn Semadeni8th.214
Micah Dickey14th.204
Mataya Burmester22nd.171
Kiley Merritt33rd.112

Elementary Male Division – 82 Competitors
Daniel Saunders1st.271
Jared Hale2nd.264
Kaden Spaulding3rd.259
Grayson Hicks4th.255
Douglas Dickey8th.249
Haydn Neilsen12th.244
Scott Orton13th. 243
Kaden Robinson15th. 243
Tristan Hicks22nd. 217
Cole Thomas23rd.216
Micah Hokum35th.200
Mick Winder40th.187
Tavin Frasier 53rd.152
Parker Buchanan60th.137