Wicki-up Broadcasting Club (WBC)  is Osmond’s own news program. Students are able to join this club at any time during the school year. They learn to be ace reporters as they scour the school for upcoming events, tidbits of interest, and anything newsworthy. Besides finding the story, they write their own copy, find supporting photos or video, and use our state of the art equipment to record the broadcast. You will be able to keep current with what’s happening at Osmond Elementary as you watch our reporters develop their talents.

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You may also be interested in watching our older broadcasts below:

January 26, 2016 Edition

wbc1-26-16 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.
January 18, 2016 Edition

wbc1-18-16 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.

May 2015 Out takes

brucethunder from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.


March 18, 2014 Edition


wbc3-19-14 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.
December 10, 2013 Edition


wbc12-10-13 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.

December 3, 2013 Edition


wbc12-3-13 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.

November 26, 2013 Edition


wbc11-26-13 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.


November 19, 2013 Edition

wbc11-19-13 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.



November 5, 2013 Edition


October 31, 2013 Edition

wbc103013 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.



May 1, 2013 Edition

wbc5-1-13 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.


April 30, 2013 Edition

wbc4-30-13 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.


December 20th Edition

wbc12-20-12 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.


December 11th Edition

wbc12-11-12 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.


November 19th Edition

wbc-11-19-12 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.


November 6th Edition

wbc11-6-12 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.


October 30th Edition

wbc10-30-12 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.

October 24th Edition

wbc10-24-12 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.


October 9th Edition

wbc10-9-12 from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.

May 2nd Edition

April 25th Edition

April 16th Edition

March 6th Edition

February 29th Edition

February 7th Edition

January 25th Edition

January 17th Edition

December 20th Edition

December 14th Edition

December 6th Edition

November 29th Edition

November 22nd Edition

November 15th Edition

November 1st Edition

October 25th Edition

October 17th Edition

October 10th Edition

October 4th Edition

Archived WBC Broadcasts.

April 27, 2011

Untitled from Karen Johnson on Vimeo.

April 19, 2011
Vimeo address is http://vimeo.com/22673016