District Wide Accreditation will be in October of 2014

Osmond Elementary's Quality Assurance Review took place in October of 2009. The purpose of this review was to:

  1. Evaluate the school’s adherence to the AdvanceED quality standards.
  2. Assess the efficacy of the school’s improvement process and methods for quality assurance.
  3. Identify commendations and recommendations to improve the school.
  4. Make an accreditation recommendation for review by the national AdvancedED Accreditation Commission

There are 7 standards in this accreditation process.

  • Vision and Purpose
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Documenting Results
  • Resource and Support Systems
  • Stakeholder Communications and Relationships
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement

The review team researches each of these areas, makes recommendations for improvement and gives a grade based on their findings. The possible grades are: Highly Functional, Operational, Emerging and not Evident.


Vision and Purpose – Highly Functional

The school establishes and communicates a shared purpose and direction for improving the performance of students and the effectiveness of the school.

Governance and Leadership – Highly Functional

The school provides governance and leadership that promote student performance and school effectiveness.

Teaching and Learning – Highly Functional

The school provides research-based curriculum and instructional methods that facilitate achievement for all students.

Documenting and Using Results – Highly Functional

The school enacts a comprehensive assessment system that monitors and documents performance and uses these results to improve student performance and school effectiveness.

Resource and Support Systems – Highly Functional

The school has the resources and services necessary to support its vision and purpose and to ensure achievementfor all students.

Stakeholder Communications and Relationships – Highly Functional

The school fosters effective communications and relationships with and among its stakeholders.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement – Highly Functional

The school establishes, implements, and monitors a continuous process of improvement that focuses on student performance.

The in-depth report is found on the following pdf.

Accreditation [PDF]